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Quantum Physics


monthlytipsWhat Relation Does Quantum Physics Have to Homeopathy?

Quantum physics helps us to understand the human body on an energetic level. It is evident that genes do not control the cell or biological expression, but SIGNALS in our environment have the ability to ACTIVATE genes that correlate with different biological expressions. It is sole based on the reality of energy which occupies every aspect on earth as well as the universe in general.
Quantum physics signifies the fact that material objects are not distinct entities but are inseparably linked to their environment.
In homeopathy, some force is believed to animate the human body (i.e., vital force) and enters our physical body at the time of conception, guides all functions, and leaves at the time of death. It is important to understand that humans are more than sum of their physical parts, which leads to the idea that energy is not a new concept. Energy has been a topic of interest for centuries.

What is Vital Force?

Principles of Vitalism states that the functions of living organisms are due to a VITAL principal distinct from physiochemical forces the processes of life are not explicable by the laws of physics and chemistry alone and that life is in some part self-determining Furthermore, Vitalism outlines that the VF connects the individual with ultimate unity of the universe.

Generally, the central aspects of the Quantum theory include:

  • A) Electromagnetic (EM) fields.
  • B) Photons as particle manifestations or electromagnetic (EM) waves.

These EM waves translate into vibrating fields (Quantum fields), which can take the form of quanta or particles. In other words, particles and waves are totally interchangeable at the atomic and subatomic level.

The electrodynamics field is the interrelationship of particles that affect each other through charge and movement, which is termed vibration. Furthermore, EM waves are a continuous medium present everywhere in space and particles are local condensations of the field (aka concentrations energy).
Such energy concentrations can be found in individual human beings. In accordance with homeopathic principles, these particle concentrations loose their individuality as they are unified in one human being.

How quantum physics apply to homeopathy?

The basic concept that can be borrowed from Quantum physics is that every living system possesses an electrical field.
As previously mentioned homeopaths refer to this energy field as the vital force (VF). The VF is directly influenced by environmental signals (as stated by QP) that can change the vibrational frequency of the energy. This change in energy or vibration can have structural, chemical and functional implications (i.e. disease/disharmony).
High intensity energetic influences (environmental signals) lead to the expression of a unique mistunement.
This mistunement translates as signs and symptoms of disease as the VF is no longer vibrating or working at its optimal level to direct healthy life processes.

Each remedy is also a local concentration of energy with its own frequency (number of waves per unit of time) of vibration. Based on the law of similar, homeopaths choose an energetic medicine (Remedy) to cure an energetic health problem that has similar vibration. Potency is selected based on the need for an increased amount of energy intensity within the remedy, compared to that of the individuals mistuned VF.

This increased force is needed in order to stimulate the VF that in turn corrects the original vibration so that it can re-establish normal function. This increase in force (energy of the wave or field) is proportional to amplitude and frequency. Amplitude is described as the height of the wave; the larger the wave the greater the force.

How does the energy of the remedy influence the energy of the mistuned individual?

Although vibrations can have an effect at a distance or even at different levels of vibration, an effect can only occur through the principle of resonance.

Resonance represents that “every substance has a particular resonant frequency at which it will vibrate with greater force when stimulated by a wave of similar frequency” (Vithoulkas).
Therefore, we choose a remedy with similar resonance (frequency) but with a little stronger amplitude to redirect the energy in the body to continue function or repair structure.


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