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AcupunctureAcupuncture is complete medical and important system of the oldest and most commonly used medical procedures in the world, originating from China over 5000 years ago treatment due to its rich history and long lasting results. The purpose of acupuncture is to promote healthy lifestyle by removing pain & suffering.

There are a lot of theories that try to understand acupuncture, from ideas on endorphins and the “gate theory” to concepts on fascia and the central nervous system. Some of the physiological effects observed throughout the body include increased circulation, decreased inflammation, relief from pain, relief of muscle spasms and increased T-cell count which stimulates the immune system and is effective.
Acupuncture Proven to Increase Chances of Getting Pregnant a study published in 2002 shows that acupuncture treatment administered 25 minutes before and 25 minutes after IVF treatment increased success of pregnancy by 15 percent. This form of medicine is being used in numerous progressive infertility clinics across the U.S. Acupuncture, in conjunction with IVF, greatly enhances a woman’s chances of conception.

Acupuncturist knows which points to use

Acupuncture points reside on meridians, or channels, which are energetic pathways that run throughout the entire body.
These meridians are linked to each other as well as to different organs. Using his knowledge of the interrelationship between the meridians and organs, an Acupuncturist will choose points to effect changes in them that will influence the symptoms you report. According to the Acupuncturist’s assessment and treatment plan, he chooses individual points or combinations of points to stimulate this change.
An Acupuncturist uses Traditional Oriental Medical theory of how the body functions, the Acupuncturist’s clinical experience, and modern research to develop the best treatment for you.

slideacuThe needles used are tiny and slender, and it will go on specific areas of our body that will elicit a different response to our nervous system (the brain and spinal cord to release chemical into the muscles, spinal cord, and brain), endocrine system, hormonal system, and vascular system. These chemicals that are released in the body will change the experience of pain.The biochemical changes also stimulate the body’s natural healing abilities and promote physical & emotional well being. In other words, these specific points (there are up to 500 points) or “acupoints,” can re-program any malfunctioning organ.
Many people are curious about the needles. Because acupuncture needles are extremely fine (about the thickness of human hair) there is usually minimal discomfort upon insertion of the needles. In fact, most people who are normally afraid of needles receive acupuncture treatments comfortably.
An average of 6 to 12 needles is used during 5 Element Acupuncture treatments.

Each needle is usually removed within 15 to 35 Minutes. Acupuncture needles, they are inserted into acupuncture points on the arms or legs, back, shoulder feet, forehead, scalp … .Pre-sterilized disposable needles are used to eliminate the risk of infection.The duration and frequency of treatment depends upon many factors.A major consideration is the severity and duration of the complaint.

Normally, treatments are different from person to person some people get once a week , some twice a week for two weeks, then once a week until some improvements have been maintained. The treatments are then scheduled bi-weekly, then monthly, and eventually there is only a need for a check-up every two or three months. Since everybody is individual and unique, the response to treatment is different in people… Some people notice a marked improvement in their symptoms right away. Others notice a gradual improvement in their symptoms along with a general improvement in their overall state of health. Some people feel immediately revitalized, physically and emotionally, while with others the changes are subtle and can be appreciated over time.

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