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Holistic Nutritional Counseling

3Individual Nutritional Assessment in Rosan Holistic clinic, Determining what your individual nutritional requirements are can be the key to your health goals.This Assessment is probably the most comprehensive, concise health assessment available.
Nutri-body is professional medical software that authorized by the homeopathy doctor. We will then analyze and report the deficiencies that exist within the patient.

In-person Nutritional individual consultation:

  • a) When the patient arrives, we will give nutrition consultation.
  • b) A questionnaire is given asking about patient’s main complaints and medical history.
  • c) Full Nutri-Body® Analysis assessment (a Questionnaire that analyzes over 40 bodily signs of nutritional imbalance) is obtained through questionnaire and consultation.
  • d) The results of the test will be given in graphical and report forms.
  • e) Based on the nutria-body assessment and analysis, we will prescribe the supplements needed. To order an online Nutritional Assessment, fill the form on the right side.