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Weight loss program

11547162-lose-weight-with-diet“Rosan Secrets “– A proprietary and revolutionary weight-loss system that approaches weight-loss from the point of view of the body. What does the body want? The body wants to be nurtured, nourished,  protected  and listened to.               “Rosan Secrets” weight-loss programme accomplishes all of these things for the health and well-being of the body with amazing Acupuncture method as well and in addition, is customized by the one-on-one care offered by Rosan herself. Testing and refining were done over the course of two years, and with dozens of patients, all of whom reported significant weight loss, increased energy, no side-effects and a feeling of being satisfied after meals. The programme also delivers benefits for the skin, which became noticeably more hydrated than before the study.

Rosan Secrets delivers essential nutrients including vitamins B12, B6, and magnesium that the body requires before it even feels that things are well. In this way, weight-loss is accomplished in an environment of health, nutritional and personal support also acupuncture thereby making the process much easier, more pleasant and better for the health of the body.”


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